Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day 2010

I can still remember the first Earth Day. It was 1970, I was in 6th grade and my teacher, Ms. Karnis wanted to do something meaningful. So we were all given big garbage bags before we were let loose upon school house hill.
I suppose it's possible we had chaperons and divided into small groups, but my memory is of all of us going willy nilly amongst the neighborhoods of my wee town. It was a beautiful Spring day and we picked up an impressive amount of garbage.
Of course, the best parts were the unexpected treasures that were found - to a 6th grader, I'm thinking a treasure would be something amazingly gross?
Happy Earth Day!
I hope you find a way to make it meaningful to you.

(Wow! Found out that Ms Karnis is still teaching in Washington - at least she was in 2008.)


BK said...

Earth day is amazing! There will be a fun little celebration at our neighborhood community garden on Saturday from 2-4. You're welcome to join us on 19th street between Oak and Bellevue!

KandN said...

Thanks, B! Sounds like fun, but I'll be in Silverton at the Brewfest.