Sunday, June 14, 2009

And speaking of summer . . .

I just spotted N putting up the tent trailer. :>) Heck, I'd even settle for camping in the driveway at this point. Do I sound like a frustrated camper?? I am.

He's putting the water pump back in, making sure the brand new (paid for by Fleetwood) roof survived what winter wrought and he's doing other beginning of the season maintenance.

Lise is waiting for me to join her in checking out an apartment. Their office isn't open on Saturdays, BUT is open on Sundays. That's a new one.
Back again!
Lise and I took the dogs for a walk to find something for a project she's making and ended up on the neighborhood trail I continue to forget about. This will be the year I enjoy it as much as possible!


Salem Man said...

that's one of my favorite places to hike in Salem. Why can't more parks be like that one.

KandN said...

:>) I found a couple of sites that referenced the trail. One was about geocaching and another talked about a controversy with the neighbors around the trail putting up signs and fences to block hikers back in 2005. I'm glad they worked it all out.

sweet sue said...

What a cool're a lucky girl to have it close to home.

KandN said...

Hey Sis! There is an eerie part to the trail - in the middle there's the remains of a paved road from a planned development that must've fallen through for some reason. It has curbs and drains, but the vegetation is slowly reclaiming it.