Thursday, June 18, 2009

and we were jammin'

Thanks to the help from my sweet assistant, the strawberry freezer jam is done. We picked up berries from Nanneman's, pectin and jar lids at Bi Mart and sugar at Fred's. Ball had a different recipe on an envelope of pectin, so out of curiosity I bought one of those in addition to MCP. I used to be a die hard Surejell fan, but it's getting harder to find.
Out of concern that there might be berries left over, we stopped at Costco after a sudden vision of half a chocolate muffin covered in sliced strawberries and topped with whipped cream. I fell asleep after dinner, so I'll have to wait to give you a review on that one!
The Ball pectin called for 4 cups of crushed berries and 2 cups of sugar - the opposite of what Surejell and MCP say. Plus, no boiling of pectin and water before adding it to the berries. I'm anxious to give it a try, it might be a keeper with the lower sugar content.
Nanneman's said they'll have raspberries next week. I may have to rearrange and defrost the freezer. AND get this danged cast off.

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