Sunday, June 28, 2009

At what price pfister?

A little under a year ago, N and I sprung for a new faucet for the kitchen sink. One of those purchases that make the rest of the kitchen jealous and make us want to finally rip out the tile and wall to improve the most used room of the house. It didn't work, as far as the tile and wall ripping out part, but it did spark a plan in N's mind.
Unfortunately, this plan entails cutting down our big Maple tree in the middle of the back yard--it's a little over 12 feet in circumference. When all was done, we'd have (what Jonathon would call) a 4-5 butt kitchen, 2 full baths, a pantry and ??. It's been awhile since N and I have talked about the plan, so I'm fuzzy on all the details. If I remember right, it would bring our 1200 sq ft up to 1400- 1500. The drawback is that it would cost less (over all) for us to buy a house that fits that description rather than improve ours. Seems crazy to me. I would move, if we found the right house, but I really love this location.
Oh! Back to that faucet! Last night, during Fran's marshmallow and chocolate pie baking, the less than a year old faucet stopped working. Not a good time to go (if there ever is a good time) when the kitchen is jam packed with dirty dishes. N found the right tools to remove the cartridge, went to Geo Morlan this morning to buy the replacement and discovered even though it's still young, they don't handle the warranty end. So tomorrow morning I'll be giving PP a call. I hope they stand behind their product and don't try to find a way to wiggle out.


CreativeConcepts said...

We had a price pfister faucet that started getting "yellow" on part of the white handle - gave them a call and they sent us a new one. Didn't have white in that model in stock - would we mind if they sent stainless or chrome? They will exceed your expectations I'm sure! We've also contacted them on behalf of clients and always been thrilled at their customer service.

KandN said...

Good to know, CC! I hope we have the same luck as you!