Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Park for the Dogs

This morning N and I ended up enjoying a long conversation with a neighbor we pass on the way to the nature trail. She has a Shelty only 5 months older than Izzy, which is how we began talking about dog parks and found out Keizer has one. She told us to turn towards the river at Chemawa and keep going until we got to the park, "If you go all the way to the river, you've gone too far", she added.
Jonathon and I decided to go check it out this afternoon, since N had work to do. There weren't many dogs ( a cute cocker and an agile poodle), but it was good to find the place, let Izzy loose and see what we were missing. :>)
How I wish they would do this at Minto Brown!


Melina Tomson, MS said...

Minto Brown has an off leash area for dogs. As you head towards the back parking lot, you'll see it off to the left.

KandN said...

I heard Minto Brown is rated #1 in the area for a dog park. :>)
What appeals to us are the two fenced in areas at the Keizer park. One for big dogs and one for little dogs. Izzy doesn't respond to voice commands that well--not at all when there are other dogs or people around.