Thursday, June 11, 2009

Creepy convenient coincidence

A few nights ago, I was feeling tired and "chore martyred" - not a good combination. {Crosses arms, stomps foot} Simply put, I wanted someone else to prepare dinner. Lise tossed out her, "I'm too tired trying to adapt to my new shift and fighting allergies" chip. {sigh}

I sent an email off to N (still at work) hoping to benefit from his insightful summation of the situation or a little commiseration. I received the humor and sympathy I needed from his reply and then the phone rang.

A quick look at the caller ID piqued my interest. I picked up the phone, wondering why Garlic Jim's would be calling. It was a robo call, but not just ANY robo call - this one concerned pizza. "Buy one and get the second for just a penny!", the friendly female voice invited, "press one to order from your local Garlic Jim's". I was wondering how N made this happen, knowing full well he didn't, but what a happy coincidence!

I didn't order, I had chicken breasts thawing in the microwave, but what a well timed robo call!
I wonder how many responses they received?

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