Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sad for the end, happy for the Summer

The last week of school is never a typical week. It's full of little tasks that lead to the wrapping up of the year; putting the finishing touches on our ABC books and portfolios, cleaning out cubbies, practicing our program, performing our program, celebrating with a field day.
Our AM class wasn't sentimental at all, as far as L & I could see. They're more into each other and being active, rather than paying attention to adults. That behavior is more so at the end. The PM class on the other hand, has been verbalizing their thoughts on missing L and I and each other - lots of hugs and exchanging of phone numbers.
I just loaded video onto the web of the PM class. They were able to have a free time with scarves and percussion instruments due to the extra time NOT being devoted to behavior issues. I love those moments.
L has been asked to move to the new portable. Although she has accomplished quite a bit, there's still much to do and she's not sure where to start. Dollars are short, so pay for aides to help even one day wasn't offered and so I'll donate a day on Monday. I'm sure she'd do the same if it was me. I hope she's able to find boxes this weekend.
Now it's time to make my own to do list for the rest of the summer. I usually read and do those cleaning tasks that require a day to complete. Maybe we'll even get to go camping this summer. I'd love to be able to do that!
And now I better aim my attention towards those thank you notes . . . what silly pic can I create this year :>)

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