Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sister's Garage Sale Find

What could it be? Not that it stopped her from buying these cool legs/supports! But I'm not sure I could've passed them up either.
I'm picturing them on the wall of a captain's cabin on a wood ship. Not sure of the imagined purpose yet. Do ships have shelves or mantles?
N's thinking maybe the front legs off of an old piano.


Anonymous said...

It could be the legs for a half round marble table top. A lot of those old marble top tables have those ornate legs under them.

By the way, yippee about your cast!!

D from the kiva!

KandN said...

Thanks, D! I've been without a splint for a whole two hours today. Getting awfully brave!
I'll pass that onto Sis. We've had 3 votes for the piano legs and now you've given her a different idea.