Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do we live in a small town?

It was almost noon when Lise and I slipped out of the house Sunday. She wanted to go hit a couple of wineries for both tastings and photos. Addresses were looked up and loaded onto Reggie-the- GPS. First stop? Trinity Vineyards.
As we were driving south on Liberty, I checked Reggie to see the name of our upcoming turn-off--Waln Road. So familiar to both of us. We made the turn, began the trek up the narrow paved road and then it hit us--school friends (sisters, also) of both Lise and Fran lived on this same road! The last time we had visited their house, ground had just been broken on the site where Trinity Vineyards now stands. From there we traveled backroads to Ankeny Hills on Riverside Road S. and finally to Vitae Springs Winery where we ran into a school and band mate of both of the girls.
Yup, we definitely live in a small town!

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