Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fini: finished; through; at an end

Okay, so maybe the waiting (both at home and in the waiting room) was almost as tough as the not eating part. Well, at least a close second. I couldn't concentrate on my book in the waiting room, so I tried to do my Zen thing by quietly sitting and gazing out the third story window at a tree's branches being tousled by the wind.

Once Janae escorted me into the back, put in my IV and asked some questions, there was more waiting. I could hear other people in adjoining cubicles going through the same routine. A weird feeling of being one of many prepped patients in a warehouse came over me (darned sci fi books anyway!). I don't know if they put something in that IV, but I began to feel more relaxed. Which is a good thing, because it was nearly another 20 minutes (definitely should move that clock) before Angie arrived to take me to the room where the procedure is performed. We chatted and waited. Once the doctor arrived, said hello and shook my hand, it was over in a few blinks of an eye. I thought I was awake, but realized later there were bits of time missing from my memory. I wasn't sure when they'd wheeled me and the gurney to the recovery area, for one thing.
After 10 minutes or so Angie put me in a wheelchair and took me out to the basement parking lot where N soon drove up with the car. After I was safely buckled into the passenger seat of the Fyundai, N said that the doctor "ordered" him to take me to Word of Mouth.
And that's where I had my first meal since Saturday.
What a guy and what a meal!
{song going through my head? "but all I've got is a photograph . . ."}


Salem Man said...

I think this post might be a HIPAA violation.

KandN said...

too much information?? ;>