Saturday, August 22, 2009

Get 'er done!

We were all up, showered, fed and out of the house by 8:30 AM yesterday.
Motivated for the move!
By the time we arrived with the rental truck, the Vancouver pod storage place that Lise and J had their stuff shipped to last year, didn't have their pods out of the warehouse yet. N and I saw a window of opportunity to hop back into the pick-up, dart back around the corner to the Bi Mart to use their rest rooms and pick up some snacks to keep us all fueled.
Progress had been made in our brief absence. The pods were out and opened with two of the three doors propped wide open. Since J had decided to do mathematical calculations (using the dimensions of the pods as his guide) in determining which size of truck to rent, N and I knew that we needed to proceed with care. Using all the packing skills acquired throughout the years of moving ourselves and others. So we began by removing and sorting all of the pod contents onto the asphalt before beginning to load. We finished (with just inches to spare and the electronics stashed in our pick-up) sometime around 12:30. Not bad!
We stopped for a quick bite to eat and then made our way south on I-5 back to Salem. N and I made a mercy trip home to let Nixon out of his crate. Poor old man! He was thrilled to see us and obediently crawled back into his crate after his wee break. Lise and J had both the windows of the apartment and the back of the truck opened by the time we joined them. We'd lost much of that go-get-em energy we'd had in the morning and the sun was beginning to heat things up a bit (although, so much cooler than earlier in the week!), but the worker ants began to make the trips back and forth, up and down the stairs.
After all the boxes and smaller items were unloaded, I kidnapped Lise and brought her into the kitchen to start the process of settling in. I've had both family and friends do this for me in the past and it makes the overwhelming process a little bit less so. I still remember friend Cheri Page taking the girls to spend the day at the Umpqua Valley Art Fair during our across the street move in Roseburg. What a gift!
Today, Lise and J borrowed the pick-up to go garage sale shopping to see if they can find what they need to fill some new needs. N and I are enjoying the quiet house and haven't decided what or if we'll accomplish anything today. :>)

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