Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hope--day 4

N and I can't help but notice that Hope has been spending a lot of time scratching.  I started putting balm on her crusty little bumps (thinking they're the result of the scratching).  We thought maybe it was nerves (since she is a bit timid) or allergies (schnauzers get their share of those), but we took her to the vet today just in case.  Plus we need to get her all boostered and certificated for her dog license. 
The vet wasn't crazy about the state of her ears, her skin or her teeth.  Yup, we know, taking good care of animals is not cheap.  So, in the end we chipped in for their "wellness & dental plan".  At this rate, we probably will save money by spending money up front.
So we came home with two shampoos (one to clean, one to medicate), a skin antibiotic and a sheet of directions, in case we step into the house and can't remember what the vet said. 
There's no training in life for bathing a slippery, struggling, schnauzer . . .

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