Monday, August 17, 2009

Is that a touch of autumn I feel in the morning?

This is the time of year that I'm in firm denial that summer vacation is nearly over and yet (to be perfectly honest) I'm almost ready for a change. Almost.

Right now, I'm discovering how many times a day I put something in my mouth to eat out of habit. I thought it was tough to do the 12 hour fast for bloodwork. Ha! That's nothing! I've heard for some time now how horrible it is to drink the 4 liters of Nulytely during the last half of the fast. It's not really that bad. I had visions of a thick liquid that triggered the gag reflex. Nope. It's reminds me of the taste when you follow a glass of milk with a glass of water and you forgot to rinse out all of the milk from your glass. Not that bad. Jonathon said that he's found the orange flavor to be the most palatable. He was off of all things lemon-lime for a long period of time after using that flavor.
Maybe tomorrow my focus will be on something else. Like food.


AMY said...

I felt that this morning! I went out around 9:30 and I thought, "It's supposed to get how hot today?" because at least right then we had a breeze with a slight nip to it!

KandN said...

It was so chilly in the house this morning, I was surprised when I stepped outside around lunchtime to water plants. "when did it get warm out here?!"