Thursday, August 13, 2009

Needing direction

Boy oh boy! A simple change in schedule and I'm a boat without a rudder!
N popped out of bed a little after 6 this morning, quickly prepped for work and said he had no time for breakfast,
"gotta go".
"Huh? What? Uh . . . bye! "
And now I'm sitting here (on my third cup of coffee) trying to get my bearings. Seems pretty silly. My urge is to head back to bed, do the "Groundhog's Day" thing--try starting over.

On another note . . . it was both interesting and frustrating watching how Izzy reacted to having people on her turf last night. The little pill was not nice at all to the two children. I forget about dogs and their "pack perspective". So odd that they believe children are lower in the pecking order in the hierarchy. Looking back, I wish I had put her in the back bedroom with Nixon.

{thinking about a 4th cup of coffee . . . }

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