Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Breaking Ground for Others

During my hair appointment yesterday, Karyn was telling me about how her policeman husband has fought to receive care that some other police departments provide without a fight.  It had never occurred to me that spending your work days sitting in a car with inadequate support could take a toll on your back, not to mention the car accidents and other work related injuries many policemen suffer from.  Thanks to him, city policemen can ask for and receive a specially made seat for their cars and massage therapy.  Seems like the least we can do for those who serve us.


whack patti said...

K....I often find my back feeling a little tired and achy from those tiny little chairs. Do you? Also from the shoe tying and bending down to listen better. Don't even get me started on my knees!

KandN said...

My back used to get angry more often than it does now. I began making an effort not to bend over as much, but yeah, I do get on the knees. :>. I teach the kids how to balance by hanging onto their own knee, with their foot resting just above my knee for shoe tying. I do get a bit smudged, but oh well!