Friday, April 30, 2010

Hypocritical behavior

"One needs to get out of their own skins and see themselves as a separate person and judge themselves as one judges others." from Pressing Thoughts blog

Hypocritical behavior.
I know, we all do it.  Does that make it okay?  
In my defense, I do try to examine my motives and statements.  True, it's always after the fact and I don't always revisit the person or situation, but it's a start ... right?

I've worked for the same employer since 1991 and have never taken advantage of my right to take breaks during the work day.  I never looked down on others who did.  I think my thoughts were more along the lines of not wanting to negatively affect the person I work under.  I've worked under this same person over 5 years and have watched how careful they are to get what's rightfully/contractually theirs and I've hope I've been supportive.  They're probably who finally inspired me to do the same.  
I'd like the same support, without any shaming.

Today my goal is to find a way to bring this up.  Wish me luck in careful presentation and wording ...



Salem Man said...

Good luck.

KandN said...

Thanks, Salem Man! I needed it.
I don't know how well I communicated, but I did it. :>)

Kluver's Korner said...

I know exactly what you mean. For years and years we put in tons of "above and beyond" but then the danger is that it becomes EXPECTED, not appreciated. I finally realized that in doing so to extreme we sometimes jeopardize others who are well within their rights to take their breaks, etc. And on the legal side, be sure you bring up your contract in the discussion if necessary!

KandN said...

On first mention of my plan, there was no sign I should be concerned, but the first day I acted on my plan a comment was said that made me decide to talk to our lead person. I received a "why, of course!", which just made me feel a bit more secure in my right to continue. I know I'm within my rights, but hate the change in the atmosphere around this. bleh