Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Yes, I'm one of those creepy stalker type people who keep track of the number of blog visitors and where they hail from.  Okay, so that feature isn't always as accurate as we'd like it to be, but it's right on the money 96% of the time.
So why does it give me the shivers when someone reads my blog from beginning to end?  Who knows.  Especially since I'm the one putting so much of myself out there on the web and then I become slightly weirded out when someone finds it and reads it.  And that's where the irony steps in.
It's times like that when I'd like to be able to reach out and answer that tentative knock and say, "yes? can I help you?" Now that would truly be creepy!


BK said...

I always find that odd as well. Like...really? You just spent 3 hours reading my blog? But a friend of mine from my neighborhood who usually doesn't spend much time perusing blogs was recently ill for a long period of time, and she had a good look at mine. She said it did feel a little voyeuristic but that she felt like she got to know me much better.

KandN said...

Good thought! I know that I've stumbled upon other's blogs during a search for something unrelated and ended up reading much of that brief snapshot of their day to day lives.

Almost like your friend was able to have a long, random conversation with you. :>)

Melina Tomson, MS said...

I agree with Becky.I know when I'm sick I get caught up on my blog reading.

KandN said...

Waay better than watching bad TV! It's almost like the new garden fence.