Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little respect

Instead of seeking out somewhere new to us or longtime unvisited, N and I decided to enjoy Willamette Burger Co. for date night.
About the same time that our burgers were delivered to our table, we noticed a local street person cupping their hands and peering into the window.  They settled into one of the chairs outside for several minutes and then ventured into the restaurant.
I was curious to hear what would happen next.  The young man who waited on us, greeted this person in the same manner he welcomed us, "Good evening! What can I do for you?".  After receiving his to go order, he went back to one of the outside chairs to eat.
After witnessing this interaction, I remembered something I read in the SJ's letters to the editor years ago.  A wife wrote in to describe how her stocking cap wearing husband was treated at a local business.  There was an assumption by one of the staff that her husband was a street person because of his attire.  He was immediately asked to leave.  The woman was incensed that he was treated with so little respect all because of his appearance.
And now?  Now I have even more warm fuzzy feelings about WBC.  All because of the simple human respect that young man showed a customer.

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BK said...

Just when I thought I couldn't love WBC any more than I already did...