Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Respect the Road

Not often, but once in awhile I'll drive home at lunchtime.  I'm lucky to live fairly close, especially on days when I leave important things at home--like my school keys.  :>P  That's what happened today.  After driving home I figured as long as I was there, I'd chug a cup of coffee, let the pups out and grab a bite to eat, before hopping back in the car to head back to work.
I hadn't even driven a quarter mile up Croisan Creek Road, when a Ford Explorer came careening (yes, careening) around the corner--two wheels on the road.  Obviously the driver had lost control of their vehicle, driving far too fast for the corner (or ANY part of the road).  The Explorer went into a skid, all those 100's of pounds of vehicle sliding sideways straight towards me.  All I could think was "crap! and the roads are slick with rain!"
Thankfully, the young driver knew how to steer in a skid and directed the Ford into the ditch, where it quickly slowed to a stop.  I sat in my stopped car, staring, feeling ill, trying to shake the adrenaline surge and wondering what I should do.  Within seconds, the car behind me pulled around and into a driveway and got out to see what they could do and then a truck did the same.  Me?  Seeing that they had help, I continued my drive back to work.  I'm glad the boys are okay, but I hope next time they'll respect the road and get their thrills elsewhere.
I can hope, can't I?


Salem Man said...

Frightening! That road has seen a few accidents. I'm glad no one was hurt. Maybe those boys will see it as a wake up call. Probably not.

KandN said...

There have been some interesting accidents since we've lived here. I can remember 2 vehicles that looked like they were supported by tree branches. Not possible, right?? Still wondering how the tow truck solved that one.
Yes, I'm hoping for the wake-up call, but betting against it.