Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Years ago (or is it now considered eons?), when N and I were dating, we were visiting some of his friends.  During the course of conversation--probably being gifted handy hints without my full realization--Sandi (one of the friends) told me about her attempt to consolidate activities in her daily schedule.  She figured that it made sense, as long as she was already in the shower in the morning, to wash the shower at the same time.  She was less than impressed with her results, because of the contact with the cleansing powder.

That conversation has stuck with me over the years.  It appealed to the consolidator in me.  N and I were already using a squeegee after our showers--to cut down on the length of time it takes for the bathroom to dry out.  So it was easy to take the next step.  I had recently been introduced to "Mr. Clean Magic Eraser" sponges by a school parent.  They seem particularly suited to cleaning the smooth surfaces of fiberglass and porcelain.  So now, instead of using the squeegee every morning, I wipe down the shower enclosure with the sponge.  I don't know if this classifies as a time saving hint, but now I never have to worry about how the shower looks when company visits.  Plus soap scum doesn't have much of a chance to accumulate.

There! Now you've just been gifted a handy hint!  Yours to do with as you choose ... ;>)

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Rebekah said...

Thanks! I'm just gonna call you Heloise from now on! :)