Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tweets do tell

This morning, I noticed one of the local Tweeps I follow had replied to Scott Simon of NPR's Weekend All Things Considered.  Curious, I clicked back to see what he had tweeted.

"nprscottsimon Hotel in Salem OR across street from Dem Party HQ, Tea Party Bookshop, Mexican grill, and local Pagan Center. I love America."

"Oiks!!", It had never occurred to me what kind of impression an out of towner might get from looking out their Grand Hotel window.
Salem!!  We need to take care of this!  Not a total obliteration, but some changes, definitely.
How about we talk Gerry Frank into putting his Konditorei in there somewhere, and we get rid of that nasty, past it's prime building that houses the Mexican restaurant?

What would be appealing to you if you were looking out one of those windows?

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