Saturday, July 3, 2010

Carolyn Hax on regret

"The silver bullet against regret is to make something valuable of the life you have now. It doesn't have to be valuable in the eyes of society -- big house, fancy job, Nobel Prize, etc. -- just valuable in your eyes.
For example: knowing you've been helpful to someone who really needed it; being with someone whose face lights up when you're around, or who makes your day brighter; being able to pursue a goal/hobby/passion that feels worthy to you, or merely fulfilling; relishing the freedom to try new things where otherwise you'd be tied down . . . the limit isn't your circumstances, but instead the perspective and imagination you bring to your circumstances.
Short version: When you like where you're going, you tend to look back a lot more fondly on what got you there.
Shorter version: Look forward, not back."
~Carolyn Hax

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