Monday, July 26, 2010

Taking Action

Sometimes a person must take action.
There are those zillions of other times when it's best to watch and listen or even let go.
Not in this case.
Fran found out there's a maximum of 3 years deferment on student loans.  The next step--one she's not crazy about, is to request permanent disability.  Unfortunately, chronic, debilitating pain is not on their list of disabilities.   I understand they have to be careful, but a little flexibility for individual circumstances would be a nice option.  The day we received the denial in the mail, a loud, little voice told me that this is when it's appropriate to contact your congressman.
I found an online contact form and sent off a quick message.  We received an answer from a real person in a short period of time.  The congressman's representative gave us a list of items to gather.  It took a several days for us to decide what to include and how much to add to the summary.
Now it's done and ready to mail.
Wish us success.


Can Opener Boy said...

What an ordeal! Here's to a quick and definitive answer that meets your needs!

KandN said...

Hopefully, it was time well spent. Thanks for the good thoughts!

Salem Man said...

Good luck.

KandN said...

Thanks, Gino

Rebekah said...

Gosh, I hope they see the light and give her a break! Good luck!

KandN said...

Me, too! Thanks Rebekah!
K. Schrader's, area rep is keeping us in the loop. He sent us a copy of the letter he sent to the head of the Dept of Ed.