Saturday, August 28, 2010

Accidental eats?

Saturday morning, there was just one thing I was determined to get done.  It was time to take the bottles and cans into Roth's to get reimbursed for that extra cash we pay at the register.  Pop and beer used to be a rarity at our home--when the girls were growing up.  Not true anymore!  All three of us make an effort to keep beverages rotating in our little outdoor fridge.

Our bottle and can organization system consists of :
1) The cardboard cases the beer comes home from the store in.
 2) A plastic receptacle, manufactured to be a diaper pail.
3) A 30 gallon , plastic garbage can with a lid.

The bottles, once emptied, go back into the cardboard box, and pop cans are tossed into the diaper pail.  When the pail is full, the cans are transferred to the garbage can.  Once the garbage can is full,  we know it's time to take the empties back to the store.

Wow, that didn't take long to transform aluminum and glass into paper receipts!  Our reward?  A drive to Falls City to check out The Breadboard Bakery.  I've been a fan of their bread since I first tried it at Salem Saturday Market.  (No favorites. I like Cascade's, too)  Falls City is situated to the west of both Monmouth and Dallas.  It has the feeling of a place that people live in to escape the intimacy of life on a small city lot.  No one to scold you for collecting too many derelict vehicles or growing dandelions around your house.  Plus, there are no traffic lights or even lines painted down the center of the city streets to tell you when and where to go. Yeah, I can see the attraction.  It's how I spent the first 20 years of my life.

It wasn't hard to find The Breadboard Bakery.  Especially since I'd checked out Nate Rafn's Living Culture video (embedded below) and the bakery's website.  The town is small, and once you know what the building looks like there's no doubt.  We decided on a loaf of Apple/Cranberry Ciabatta and shared a ham and cheese on a baguette.  But the best part?  We also shared a blackberry galette with whipped cream--flaky crust and berries with just enough sugar to really taste those berries.  Delicious!
Eating outside at one of their tables was nice, too.

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