Friday, August 13, 2010

Hairy progress

Ever since I spotted a women rocking a hairstyle I coveted (and wished I'd had the guts to get a photograph of) at The Bite and Brew, I've been scanning the web for an image of anything even the tiniest bit close.  I found a couple that were similar, but not close enough to really get the point across to hairstylist Karyn.  But I printed them out and took them along to my Thursday appointment anyway.

Lucky for me, she was running late.  So I had ample opportunity to leaf through her hair style magazines.  Still nothing.  Sure it wouldn't lead to anything, I presented her with my two printed pictures.  Keep in mind, that after several months of growing out, she's given me the style I'd been shooting for.  She asked me if maybe I wanted to skip my appointment to continue growing it out.  I knew the answer to that!  When my thick wavy hair gets to a certain point, my head begins to sprout "wings".  Wings of hair on the sides of my head.  Not a good look--even in the 70's or 80's.

Then an idea popped into Karyn's head and she reached for a little photo album where she keeps hairstyles clipped out of magazines.
"How about this one?", she asked.  Although, it wasn't like that coveted head I wished I'd photographed, there were some similarities and I was ready for a change without losing the softer look I wanted.  The photo was of Meg Ryan, with one of her less super short tousled looks.  Karyn began to perform her magic and when she was finished,  I realized that she had known better all along.  I'm glad I followed my impulse and trusted her with my hair.
Now . . . . if I could have her face . . . .  ;>)

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