Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Wonderful Life

I do have it pretty good, but the title refers to a website, not me personally.
I don't remember how I stumbled upon the site, but once I did I signed up and began planning.  Fran was less than thrilled.
"Hey!  I'm doing it with YOU in mind!", I explained.
Didn't help.  Not at all.
You may be wondering--what is this site?
A funeral planning website (you know you want to click here for link).
As odd as it may sound to others, ever since I heard Pat Humphries sing, "Swimming to the Other Side", on NPR in 2002, I knew I wanted to share it with others at my funeral.  So stirring, so universal, I love it.
And that's why I was happy to find "My Wonderful Life", to make an attempt to make it happen.
Because nothing is for sure.

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