Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sleep is not within my grasp, might as well post

It's a rare night when every single trick on my getting to sleep list fail me.
Unfortunately it's one of those rare nights.
So here I am, sleepless in Salem.
When I began to imagine horrible, frightening things, I knew I needed a change in scenery. Not just for my sake, but N's and the pups', as well. Hi living room. :>P

Jonathon's dad drove up from Roseburg to spend the day. He and J spent the first half of his stay playing golf west of town. When they were finished, it was my turn to catch up a bit with Randy. We haven't had as many opportunities to spend time with J's family since Fran's been laid up. I miss that.

So we chatted the late afternoon away and moved our chairs to wherever the shade urged us to go.

And now? Now my brain is racing and my body is following right along.
I'll be right here sleep, whenever you're ready.

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