Sunday, August 1, 2010


These overcast days that start off cool and end up warm and humid always catch me off guard. Since Fran has been back home with us, I haven't been as vigilant with my summertime cooling regimen. She's in the living room (the area with the most ventilation) and ends up freezing on the nights when the temps drop. So, this evening after our dog walk, I'm rather limp and damp. Of course, that might have been due to cooking both the potatoes and carrots on the stove-top. :>.
What did you do this weekend? We had a good time working and playing down at The Bite. Although, today (Sunday) we never did make it down there. We planned on it, but (unplanned) things got in the way. I decided it would be good to take advantage of having Jonathon here to help N with the planned cabinet/shelves in the utility room. It was a good thought, but until they actually had the lumber in the driveway, the reality of the utility room's size wasn't clear.
Plan B?
To help out with plan B, I should empty out the current cabinet in the utility room. Probably a big load of stuff I haven't touched in 2 years.

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