Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quivering wimpy muscles

I'm still not sure where this latest bout of muscle spasms began.  Perhaps it had to do with holding Hope for an hour, on the vet's hard, little, waiting room bench while we waited for Izzy to return.  My own danged fault.  Not only did I want to comfort her, but she's a nice little bundle who comforts me.

Or maybe it was when I came home for lunch last week and the auto-closer on the garage door refused to cooperate.  I can't believe I used to open and shut that heavy double door all the time--when I was much younger.  Pulling it down probably would've been okay for these wimpy muscles, but I should've known better than to pull it up.  That part was unnecessary.  Such an idiot!

The trick with this back (maybe all backs?) is that I never know right away that I've done damage.  It usually waits a day or two.  If I'm not in denial, I'll go take an anti-inflammatory right away.  Guess that means I thought I was invincible this time.  :>P

So Friday found me flat on my back, Saturday I did too much.  And today?  Today I'll probably rest again and hope I'm able to work on Monday.

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