Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Autumn art project for children

Even if you don't have a photocopier/scanner in your home, you can still make a leaf picture/critter with your child.  Teacher L and I were first inspired after reading the book "Leaf Man" by Lois Elhert to the kindergartners.  The two of us bring a variety of leaves for them to choose from (and if we remember, we tell the kids to bring some, too) to make their own critter on half a sheet of copy paper.  After the glue dries, Teacher L presses them and then takes them home to scan.  We mat the scanned pictures and display them in the school before sending the art home.
Also, I like the idea of scanning, printing and cutting out leaves so your child can create a picture each day over the course of several days.  Maybe making a book of their own, complete with a story, to give as a present.
Looking through the book "Leaf Man" (or if you can find a copy of "Look What I Did With a Leaf"), is a good way to jump start the activity.  Or after collecting leaves during a leaf walk, go through the leaves together and start the process by saying something like, "this would make a good ear, head, foot (etc) for an animal".
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Amber said...

Cool idea! I love it, can't wait to use it myself.

KandN said...

We did leaf rubbings with paper and peeled crayons today. Every year I love their reactions when they see the results.

Let me know how D's project turns out.

Unknown said...

Where can I find details to make the leaf owl? Thank you.

KandN said...

Jessie, I don't have the book at home, but if I remember right, the body and ears are from one large and two small oval leaves. The other parts are actually cut from different colored leaves. You can buy a used copy of the book on Amazon: click here for the link.