Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February's Faux Spring

Has it always happened? I have no idea, but as far as my (oft times flawed) memory is concerned--yes, without fail.

The crocus blossom, the sky is as blue as it was in my youth, the air warms, the birds gather in the backyard in full force--everything possible is in full tease mode. It's lovely and uplifting while it lasts, but holy moly, when it ends? It's like winter charges back to envelope us all in gloom and Spring takes her bloody time returning.
Oops! So much for writing an uplifting post! How did that happen?!

And so, we wait . . . for our faux Spring.


Rebekah said...

I believe that February faux spring is Nature's celebration of my birthmonth. :)

KandN said...

So you might have a better idea of whether it's true that February usually has a faux Spring?
Or were you distracted by your birthday?