Monday, February 14, 2011

Kinesio Taping day 5

Fran re-taped my feet and calves on Sunday.  The first tape had finally begun to lift and loosen in spots.  She had done more reading and checking out the many videos on YouTube for ideas on how to modify the taping.

During the last 2 days of the first taping, it began to feel like I was walking on a small pebble under the front of my left heel.  She was concerned it had to do with how she applied the tape.  That must have been it, because since she taped the bottom of my foot like the photo the feeling has gone away.

My heels and legs just keep feeling better every day.  I could definitely feel the difference when I removed the tape.  Almost like taking off support hose.  I did ask her to put a strip on my lower back.  I won't be talking more about that, as I wasn't experiencing any pain.  I just thought it would be an interesting experiment, as well as add warmth to those muscles.

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