Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What gives you the friggin' right?

Warning:  this is a rant. enter at your own risk. post may disappear unexpectedly.

If the solution to Fran's situation was so incredibly easy, do you really think we'd still be where we are?
Don't tell Fran that "it sounds like she has an answer to everything".  It's such a conversation stopper and a put down.
Stop, listen and try to understand.
We arrived here after nearly 4 years.  We haven't stood still (although, it feels like it), but then again every single path we take is somewhere around a 4-7 month trek.  Amazing, but true-- every doctor we've been to will say they have the solution and then give up after 1 or 2 tries.  Hopes being raised and then crushed over and over.
Depressed?  How the hell would you feel?  And no, please don't give her another prescription.  You'd feel a bit sad if your life was reduced to a recliner, cell phone, computer and a tv.
A trip in the car?  That's a work out.  How much of a workout depends on the length of the trip.
Changing clothes?  Yep, that's a workout, too.
Standing for more than 20 minutes?  Not only a workout, but the feet begin to turn purple.
Where would she rather be or be doing right now?  Finished with PA school and working in a clinic.  Living or married to her sweetheart.  Playing with her pup.  Cooking together.  Planning and enjoying get togethers with friends.
How dare you suggest that she/we are not trying.

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