Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Feet, ankles, arches and balance

I'm nearly done with my first round of physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis and the head therapist mentioned today that if it wasn't for my arches needing to be taped while waiting for my orthotics--I could be discharged.
I should be celebrating, but I have to admit I enjoy the exercise routine and the conversation that makes the time fly by.
The therapist is probably anticipating having me stay on longer--she had me start on some balance exercises this afternoon. Nothing like feeling extremely dorky, doing something that seems like it should be so easy. She had me stand on a foam pad, toe to heel, bouncing a 10 ounce ball onto a small trampoline (like the photo) and catching it, 20 times then changing directions and leading foot. So, I guess balance is something that deteriorates with age. Looks like I have something else to work on.


whack patti said...

I have the worst balance. I'm tipping over all the time!

KandN said...

Hey! I hear you'll be at our school in September! :>)