Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Deck Chairs

We've had the same 4 (Rubbermaid?), dark green Adirondack-style deck chairs for . . .  huh . . . has to be at least 7 - 10 years. They've been comfortable and durable. Well, comfortable until you've sat in one for more than an hour, then you notice you're beginning to ache in spots. And durable until the tree trimmers sent a chunk of Maple through the seat of one. We went to find a replacement and discovered they're available nearly everywhere now and in a big variety of bright colors. BUT they've morphed into something less than the originals. They're no longer sturdy, unbendable plastic. We walked away last summer and made do with the 3 chairs we had left.

My sissy K and her husband have some deck chairs that bounce a bit when you sit. They were comfortable, too. I began keeping my eyes open at all the usual places and discovered that this type of chair is usually sold in packages of 4 - 6. And they're not as inexpensive as our plastic chairs, {sigh}.

Then we just happened to noticed that Fred's had theirs (similar to the photo) for 30% off this past week. During the trip to make the purchase, we discovered a similar set with deep seats and cushions. Wow! What a shame they were double the price! I could've lived out on the deck all summer in one of those babies! So we completed our purchase and I threatened to kiss the clerk who remembered a coupon for another 10% off.

Can't wait to enjoy the first cup of coffee in one of those chairs. :)

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