Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Awkward Words and Acts

 Years back, while enjoying lunch in the staff room with a coworker, my coworker asked why a certain part of my face looked the way it did (avoiding the specifics). At the time, I took a slight offense, but looking back, I think it was their way of expressing a concern and that there might be something out there to help. 

And then, several years after that, aggravated with the soles of my feet, I decided to quit using my pumice stone to see what would happen. (A callus strike?) What happened, was that another coworker gifted me a pumice stone, out of the blue. Again, I might have taken slight offense, but they were the ones who had to look at those heels.

Now, looking back, I see they were both just reaching out the only way they knew how, to help. Why do we handle such situations so poorly? Or is that just a sign of how awkward and unfleshed out a coworker relationship can be? Or ... a sign that we could all benefit from some communication skills? I know I could.

Love, K

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