Saturday, December 19, 2015

Nail Wraps/Stickers

Update: Tried another brand-- Incoco. Similar to Sally Hansen, in that they're actual nail polish and must be used once opened, but during application they gave the impression of being more durable and fresh. I'll let you know.

I'm not sure how I stumbled upon the whole nail wrap thing. Most likely due to a search on Amazon or Google (with results that veer the searcher in a completely different direction than intended).

It's what we refer to as "progress" these days. Right?  ;-)

My first purchase was a set of nail wraps from Sally Hansen. They're durable, bright and easy to apply, but be aware--once you open the package the nail wraps must be used. Sally Hansen's product is (they say) nail polish rather than being closer to a sticker.

The second purchase was from Tattify. It's easy to get distracted while searching through Tattify's products. Fantasies of applying a temporary tattoo before attending a holiday gathering to shock family members were short lived (for me). Their nail wraps offer fewer directions, but a quick internet search will give you the confidence you need.

My overall impressions after several days of wearing both brands, is that they're fun, easy to apply and surprisingly--they protect your nails.
If you don't mind paying twice as much, want to attend a Tupperware-like party or want to design your own, you might want to check out what Jamberry has to offer.

Nail wraps:  Highly recommended for a fun diversion, stocking stuffer or an anytime gift.

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