Thursday, March 7, 2019

Fun With My Microbiome

I've been fascinated with microbes, ever since I first read about their many roles--roles that are still waiting to be discovered. As a result, I peeled fewer vegetables, was okay with a little organic dirt, and ate as little processed food as I could. All things, I believe, that contribute to a healthier me.

Recently, I began to notice that wounds weren't healing as quickly as they used to. When you sleep with pups, their dreams can cause human scratches. Then *I* scratched an itch in my half sleep state. Rather a nasty gouge, it was. Aha! An opportunity to experiment with wound care!

The nasty gouge appeared approximately 2 weeks ago on my lower arm. I began to search for articles regarding wounds and by happenstance stumbled upon a health article written about using a pumice stone, all over, in the shower. I had no idea! Did you?

What I've learned so far:

  • Read entire article before beginning
  • Make sure you own one of the smoother stones
  • I've noticed a difference already

What I've learned regarding my own wound care:

  • There's is no substitute for a good regular cleansing of wounds
  • I saw improvement in healing, when I washed the area thoroughly 3x a day
  • The stone helps remove old tissue surrounding wound
If you want to give it a try, but are concerned about hurting your skin--start on your rear. You'll enjoy a smoother end, tomorrow.

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