Saturday, December 16, 2023

Autumn Streaming

Moving On (movie)
Great British Bake-Off (newest season)
Breeders (final season)
NYAD (movie)
The Village by Peter Moffat (series) (big thumbs up)
Quiz Lady (movie)
The Day the World Stood Still (B&W movie)
Somewhere in Queens (movie)
The Quiet Girl (movie) (big thumbs up)
The Crown (final season)
Bye Bye Barry (sports doc)
No Hard Feelings (movie)
American Symphony (movie)
Virgin River (latest season)
May September (movie) meh
Lupin (third season)
Katla (series)
The Split (series)
Minari (movie)
A Walk in the Woods (movie)
Roald Dahl shorts on NF
This is Where I Leave You (movie) (was better than expected)
Belfast (movie) (well done)
Maggie Moore(s) reminded us of Foul Play with Goldie Hawn

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