Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Brain jogging

Who knows the mysterious ways of the human brain!  Particularly when it comes to jogging a seemingly unrelated fragment during a conversation.  During N's and my therapist session today something reminded me of a enlightening and yet endearing moment when our girls were quite young.

I was in the habit of rising early and getting things done for myself without interruptions from anyone else.  I had never said out loud that I considered this "me" time, but even if I didn't know, someone else in the house did. 

One day out of the blue, the girls began getting out of bed minutes after me and I responded by snapping and growling and hurting little feelings.  I didn't know why I was being such a bear, but I did know mornings had become less enjoyable.  Plus, the grumpiness wasn't isolated to just the morning.  It tended to leak out all over the rest of the day.  N must have been silently observing and putting it all together.  I can still remember the morning that he quietly called them back into their shared bedroom and had a chat.  He told them that the early part of morning was mommy's time and asked them to stay in their room and play.

Thanks, N.  I hope I was there for you, too.

And now, after work, two appointments and two errands, I'm thinking leftovers are the solution for dinner.

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