Monday, December 28, 2009

Where to go, where to go?

This year, Lise's birthday (29?!) landed on a Sunday.  Saturday seemed like a better opportunity for dinner since her first choice, DaVinci's, is closed on Sunday, but she had other plans made for Saturday.  I told her, "no worries, something will work out". 

Yesterday she decided on Morton's as her second choice.  N checked their website.  Closed.  I explained that eating local requires an understanding that owners/managers must rest.  Yes, even on our birthday. 

I suggested Prime, but she wasn't buying it.  I guess we all harbor preconceived ideas of places.  My second suggestion, Raging River in Independence, was a winner.  So through the curves and over the bridge we drove.  When we arrived there were only 2 other tables of customers, but during our stay every booth along the brick wall eventually filled with diners.

Happy birthday, Lise!  I can't believe you're really 29.

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