Saturday, December 12, 2009

Using our muscles

Last winter our garage door opener began stuttering and stopping midway up or down during temps below freezing.  This December the danged opener didn't waste any time getting right back into that unpredictable groove.
I finally scrounged around in our "junk" drawer and found one of our small and long unused garage door openers to keep in my coat pocket.  That way, I could hop out of the car, get a good grip on the door while pushing the button at the same time.  I believe it's important to provide as much entertainment as possible for the neighbors.

Since N's Albany Christmas concert was canceled and we missed the email that would've prevented us from driving south, we decided to go garage door opener shopping.   We ended up in Sears' tool section and found a good deal.  Hopefully, this one will last as long as the first.  N's out in the garage installing.  I better go ask again if he needs a hand.

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