Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Delicious Science

K2 and I do several science lessons demonstrating some properties of air throughout the school year.  Today we did our first with this year's crew.
We started off with Franklyn Branley's book,  "Air Is All Around You".
It's part of a series from Harper Collins, called Let's Read and Find Out Science books.  The "stage 1" level is perfect for 5-6 year olds and an invaluable part of my science book collection.  While reading, I stopped to point out that we'd be doing an activity similar to one of the two in the book.

When we were finished reading/listening, we stood around a large table set-up with plastic shoe boxes, filled 3/4 with water.  I set out a clear, plastic, disposable cup on the table.  I opened a container of frosting and with a craft stick I smeared a small dollop on the flat end of a marshmallow.  The frosting worked like glue to attach the marshmallow to the bottom of the cup's inside.  I held the cup up and told them, "there are 3 things inside this cup. Raise your hand if you can tell me one."  With no shortage of hands to choose from, I heard the answers: marshmallow, frosting, air.

Then I demonstrated how to hold the cup upside down and how to firmly and carefully push the air filled cup all the way down to the bottom of the container of water and then straight up and out.  "The air kept my marshmallow dry!", I exclaim and pop it into my mouth.  Of course they can't wait to take their turns.

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