Friday, December 11, 2009

Just call me W.W.

Weather wimp.
Yeah, that's me, I'll admit it.
It doesn't matter if there's only a 30% chance of freezing rain, I'm staying home, dang it. 
You can shower me with insults,
flood my email with a flurry of names, but truthfully? 
You don't want a weather wimp on the road.  
Trust me.
And now you'll have to excuse me. 
It's time to slip into my jammie pants and find a cozy spot on the couch.


Kluver's Korner said...

I'm with you. I'd rather be safe (and warm) than sorry. We had two functions tonight that were cancelled anyway!

KandN said...

The radar looked like the further south you lived the worse it was. Funny how fast it traveled to Eugene and then to Corvallis and then--BOOM--it slowed nearly to a stop. i've heard stories about how Corvallis hangs onto a weather system. Now I'm a believer.
So glad to hear you got those double shots!!

smc said...

I find the weather today the perfect excuse to do nothing much of anything. Perfect after a hectic work week.

KandN said...

I bravely/stupidly joined N for the trip down to Albany around 11 AM for his (cancelled) concert. Our car said it was 32 out, but it was all rain and very puddly all the way down. We did see evidence of slush between lanes, though. Turned out the rain was warm?? Weird! Glad I'm not a weather person!