Sunday, December 27, 2009

Making ourselves scarce

Jonathon and Fran made plans online for a Saturday get together at our house with some college friends.  N and I decided to get out of their hair and let them enjoy each other's company for the afternoon and evening.  As much as I enjoy the company of young people, I didn't want to horn in on their time together.   And in our house either you're with people or you're in the bedroom.  We elected to vamoose. 
After enjoying dinner at one of our old favorites in Albany, driving the back way home and then looking at the twinkly lights in Keizer, we tried to sneak into the house, grab the laptop and watch Netflix movies in the bedroom.  We ended up watching "The Answer Man", with Jeff Daniels and another one I've already forgotten the name of.  Both of us enjoyed "The Answer Man", even the though the last half hour felt trite compared to the rest of the film.  Almost like the screenwriter lost their focus on how the characters would have played things out.  Still it was good movie and we enjoyed the story--complete with tears and laughter.

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