Sunday, December 6, 2009

Six week pleasures

When N and I moved here 17+ years ago, I had to once again do a search for someone to style my thick, wavy hair.  Just one of many details that need to be done within a month of unpacking, when you don't have access to the helpful word of mouth from people we learn we can trust. After about 3 less than satisfying experiences, I ended up at a close to home salon where I felt comfortable for over a decade.

Then after being "comfortable" all those years, I felt like it was time to move on.  No definite I-can-put-my- finger-on-it reason, but more of a yearning for something different.  I began to pay attention to the hair of people I worked with and ask questions.  I tried one guy for several months.  I was happy, but the good chair conversation was hit and miss.  I asked around again.  That's when I found true hair chair love.  :>)
She knows her stuff, she's an amazing listener, says what she thinks (tempered with love) and makes me feel like I've had some good friend therapy after spending time with her.  The co-worker who gave the recommendation has since retired, but whenever we'd bump into each other in the halls I'd try to remember to thank her yet again.
Not always, but definitely this time--change IS good! 


Rebekah said...

I need to get the name of that place again. I know it's close and my stylist moved way out south and is hard to catch these days. Maybe its time to try someone new.

KandN said...

You could very easily walk to where I go. I'd be happy to share. :>) I remember a twitter conversation about Studio something??

smc said...

I too could use a recommendation for a good hair stylist if you'd care to share.