Saturday, December 5, 2009

So that's what normal feels like

I didn't feel all that thankful on Thanksgiving.  At that point, I was already tired of being tired and feeling crummy.  But since the tide of illness turned for me?  I've been thankful everyday.  Ridiculous things (not my opinion, but perhaps others) are filling me with warm fuzzy feelings and driving me to gush and proclaim how I'm feeling at the moment.

On Wednesday the short people listened to me say how thankful I was to K2 for having our science all set-up and how thankful I was to be with them DOING science and school again.  As a result, at recess, 2 of them noticed immediately when K2 brought her crew out and asked if they could go tell her thank you.  And my heart was warmed once again, "they listened and understood!"

 Last night, N and I pulled out the tickets I bought (early for once!) for The Trail Band's Christmas show.  This was our third time.  Does that qualify as a new tradition?  I remembered the tickets were good ones, but didn't realize we'd find ourselves in the second row, sandwiched between an older couple and another couple closer to our ages.  Like the other 2 times, we found ourselves visiting like we had gotten together with old friends to enjoy the entertainment.  More warm fuzzies!  :>)

As I sat by N, smack dab in the middle of B row, it felt like every note, every harmony was ringing out just for me.  Sound silly?  That's pretty much where I'm at these days.  Not full of myself, but holding all the good stuff close and savoring each moment.  I think the Trail Band had the desired result.  I'm definitely full hearted and into this warm holiday season.


Jennie said...

There's nothing like realizing that you no longer feel ________. (Fill in the blank - tired, ill, sick.)

That transition after being ill, always reimnds me to appreciate the little things.

Salem Man said...

three years qualifies as a tradition.

KandN said...

Jennie, Should be an easier way to put us in that frame of mind. I'll be sorry when mine is gone.

SM, You're probably right. :>) We were surrounded by others who also were not first timers.