Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Saturday

Really?  N and I up at a decent hour AND out and about on a Saturday morning?  Did I finally find my mojo?  Maybe.
While N took his shower I made a list of the necessary highlights.  First stop?  Costco.  We were surprised at how busy they were at 10 on a Saturday, but it is that time of year. 
Next stop?  Breakfast.  N suggested Rockin Rogers.  We haven't been to RR for years--never to the Market location.  I decided I would take photos and write something for eatsalem.

We ordered and chatted and then I pulled out my list.  In all capital letters I had written a reminder to myself about my 11:30 appointment to get my two flu shots.  It was a few minutes after 11.  We can do this.  No problem.  Unfortunately our food didn't arrive until  15 minutes after 11.  I handed the waitress my debit card and N asked if we could have two to go containers.  She completed both running my card and returning with our containers in record time.  We made it to my appointment at 11:31.  Whew!

Next stop?  Bed Bath and Beyond.  We pulled out our breakfasts and realized we didn't have any forks.  So much for being prepared!  We made it work, but it's a good thing we had napkins.


Salem Man said...

I thought everyone had extra forks, napkins and condiments in their car. roylat royam

KandN said...

We used to.
Funny the things we didn't think were important enough to keep when we changed vehicles.
I guess the need for emergency utensils isn't related to the age of your children.