Thursday, August 12, 2010

A letter to a congressman

On July 26th, I wrote here about my decision to take action regarding Fran's student loans.  We had been struggling for months to make any kind of progress and were beyond frustrated trying to trudge and slog through the red tape barriers that were continually knocking us down.  First we learned that there's a 3 year limit on loans being deferred.  Then she was told that her diagnosis of "chronic pain" was not an accepted condition for the next step of getting deferred due to disability.  I feel I need to state, if N and I weren't still paying off our own portion from both daughters, we'd find a way to take over her loans.
Yesterday, we learned that thanks to Kurt Schrader's aide, Jon Pugsley, her situation is well on it's way to being solved.  John responded immediately to my first online contact, sent forms for us to fill and told us what information he needed to take action on Fran's behalf.  He stayed in contact every step of the way, to keep us in the loop.  Even though we still need to wait for one more step, having this nagging issue tended to is an enormous relief.
An advocate in the world of red tape is a wonderful thing to have.

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