Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Looking Through You, Where Did You Go

We went from a steady 36 with very little snow remaining to 32 and falling with another light white covering on everything. Our flakes are fine, so I doubt we'll get too much more accumulation down in our wee valley, but at this point who knows.
N and I ran errands this morning. I have a lot more ingredients for Christmas day now, but already I've realized I failed to write down everything. I need to sit down and make yet another list.
After that trip to town, N, Lise and her J went out and found a nice skinny tree to fit in a corner. I stayed home to remove leaves from the shoved in a corner dining room table. We'll try and make this work without cramping the cramped living room any more.
Lise went out and trimmed some fir tips and juniper tips to make something. Guess I should get up and take a look.

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